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Cows and Pigs Make the Earth Warm is an illustrated book aimed at adults and children! Written by Dr. Paul Teich with illustrations by Zhair Nixon. 


Dr. Paul Teich is a Philadelphia based chiropractor, youtuber, writer, and climate change activist. His book takes readers on a hilarious and heart warming journey through a cartoon world as it's affected by climate change. What is causing it and what can we do to create an impact as individuals as well as together? With a mix of comedic language, climate change education, and strong characters (brought to us by Zhair Nixon a Philadelphia based designer and artist) Dr. Teich reveals that our one true savior in all of this craziness is (spoiler) mushrooms! 

Inspired by our 45th President of the United States, healthy and sustainable living, and Teich's own uncanny ability to speak to the masses through his distinct comedic approach he brings us Cows and Pigs Make the Earth Warm.

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